I’m launching a Seed Business!

I’m launching a Seed Business!

Back in January, I traveled to Floret to meet up with Erin Benzakein and the team in Washington state to see if they would consider trialing my sunflowers at the farm and giving me their feedback. We hit it off, and they agreed to give them a try.

By mid-summer, my seed production fields looked amazing. Everything looked great at Floret as well. After seeing my sunflowers in bloom, Erin and the team were ecstatic with the results and encouraged me to start my own seed business.

So, that’s what I am doing…I am launching my own seed business! Yep, that’s what I just said, my own seed business! Holy crap, that sounds daunting. I am so grateful for the Floret team’s insight and encouragement as I venture into this new frontier to bring my seeds to the market, and I hope you will follow along on this journey.

Stay tuned…there will be more to come!

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